Satellite systems are more complicated to design and operate. Our engineers from RF to software work on a variety of satellite systems from ground segements to spacecraft. We follow strict testing and validation process to achieve the required qualifications and certifications.



In Space Systems we provide a bespoke designs for satellite spacecraft for applications including data communication, navigation, survillance, data collection, and GPS.


Ground | fixed

We work on different systems with a relaised  high and low gain, either it is a flat panel or a reflector parabolic design. Our focus moved to the flat panel ground terminals , because of the market booming for the flat panel antennas which can replace small parabolic dishes and horns, providing a very low profile, especially useful with different beam steering mechanisms, for broadband applications around the world,


Ground | Mobile

In Space Systems we provide a solution for a range of mobile ground satellite antennas for applications including Meteosat weather buoys, data collection, and up-links and GPS.


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