Space Systems robust and reliable solutions can be implemented in many types of systems within the broad spectrum of Security, including surveillance, emergency services and telemetry.Obtaining reliable and sustainable designs is a complicated process.


Security and Surveillance

The security applications include remote monitoring of CCTV, video and network security, motion and perimeter protection, PIR, RF intruder detection, remote monitoring, and covert systems. The security solutions for the safety and security of transport and logistics systems are focused on aviation, maritime, railways, buses, ports, ships.


Emergency Services

Reliable communication systems are essential to the success of the Emergency Services’ operations. Police, fire and ambulance services all use radio for fast and efficient data, telemetry, video links, wireless LAN and GSM cellular communications. Space Systems can provide reliable system with 99.9% up time.


Telemetry, PMR & TETRA

Telemetry system is the wireless communication technology that allows the remote measurement and reporting of information such as in data acquisition systems in a range of ways.The applications include Defence intelligence, Law enforcement, Resource distribution. Different types of system include can used within many public service organisations for PMR and TETRA applications. The bespoke designs result in system that are small, discreet and robust, and suitable for harsh environments.


Counter Drone and UAV

The particular combination of counter-UAV system depends highly on our customers’ requirements (e.g. frequency range, mounting options, weight and power specifications). Also depends on the requirements of the methods to be employed for countering Drones (e.g. from straight-forward jamming to spoofing, monitoring, surveillance and direction finding). In Space Systems, we can help to identify and design the optimum solutiont.


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