Space Systems Technology provide solutions which may be used for navigation and security applications. Emerging technologies and new materials have increased overall system complexity, so the right design must be delivered to achieve state-of-the-art solutions. Competing performance and costs are an important consideration when selecting an antenna. As frequencies increase from L-band to Ku-band to provide wider bandwidths for higher data rates, the selection of the best system becomes critical for system performance, battery life and transmission/receiving range.


Ground to air link

In Space Systems, we ensure that system limitation imposed by extremes of weather and temperature, bandwidth specifics, and aircrafts’ comparatively low transmit power does not affect the performance. Our RF designs support multifunctional information distribution system, Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems, and tactical radio systems.


Unmaned systems

Unmanned systems provide many operational functions including airborne surveillance, video transmission, border patrol and tactical support. In all cases, uninterrupted communication to the control centre is vital. As the demand for unmanned systems increases, so does the need for a robust and reliable RF system, data communications system, along with command and control systems.



The system parameters are critical for radar performance in order to resolve the target image with accuracy. In Space Systems, we are able to provide reliable designs that meet our clients’ precise requirements.


C Band

For Navigation purposes, providing high data rates for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications. The restrictive use of this band ensures a greater level of security. Different designed systems can be presented according to the customer specific requirements.


Electronic Warfare (EW)

Effective countermeasures for field operations are becoming unavoidable, as commercially available RF products continue to be used for triggers. Denying enemy operators their use of the RF spectrum is of critical importance. RF amplifiers are developed to cover wider bands at higher power, in parallel, antenna design must cover all specified bands; peak gain must be on the horizon, and they must be small and rugged enough for complex environment.


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