Space Systems provides solutions for Wireless LAN, WiMAX, RFID, outside broadcast, cellular, marine, PMR and TETRA applications. We also design bespoke systems for specifications that are not available in the market. We can offer our in-house solutions for different categories of customers. Our team can also provide a turnkey solution for companies with little to no technical background in RF engineering.



MIMO (meaning Multiple Input Multiple Output) entails the use of many antennas at either the transmitter or the receiver, or both, to improve communication performance. For optimum performance, both the transmitter and the receiver must support MIMO. The majority of MIMO antennas take advantage of ‘polarisation diversity’, which provides the greatest benefit to our customers. This means using orthogonal polarisations within the same aperture, either vertical and horizontal, or circular, which avoids the need for multiple units placed a number of wavelengths apart, and results in compact antenna units that are highly efficient. Many issues can arise when designing MIMO systems. Space Systems solutions can increase diversity gain using different polarisation states and compact-size antennas.



A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) consists of a network of antennas that are connected to a common source, which is able to provide wireless and radio coverage throughout buildings, terminals and open areas. The need for a system to support the changing requirements of mobile communications has been prompted by the increasing use of mobile devices (including phones, laptops, tablets and ‘smart’ appliances). This has resulted in a major shift from voice and low data rate communications to users expecting instant services including internet access, emails, images, video and app. In Space Systems, we can develop antennas and RF systems to suit specific requirements.


Rail networks

In Space Systems, we provision numerous wireless systems in the rail and transport industries worldwide. These include train-mounted (external and internal), track-side, and in stations and tunnels. These highly reliable and robust systems make them ideal for a variety of rail applications. They cover various frequency bands including GMSR, GSM, UMTS and up to 10 GHz, and maybe satellite networks in Ku and Ka bands. Space Systems can support the design of bespoke systems for different rail networks applications.



Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a major technology tool for tracking goods and assets. Expensive equipment and valuable assets, large or small, can be located quickly, improving operational efficiency. Manufacturers and logistics providers use RFID to improve asset management by tracking goods from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. We provide complete solutions for RFID design.



A broad range of unmanned systems exist to serve a wide variety of purposes, including surveillance, patrol, tactical, and live video transmission. To achieve the best results, the RF system and RF antenna requirements of both the unmanned system and the control station need to be specified. Our technical team are able to advise on the best solution.


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