Reseach and development

Space Systems is ambitious to become leading research incubation hub in UK. Our aim at joining forces of experts in the field of Satellite communication, 5G, 6G and  computational engineering to develop a new technology and services.

Research Areas

  • Satellite systems for S, X, Ku, and Ka bands (space and ground segments)
  • Intersatellite connectivity, optical communication
  • 5G& 6G
  • RFID
  • CAD Design optimisation and exploration


Space Systems pairs up academics and business with complementary interests and needs. The university-industry collaborations have successfully delivered innovative commercial products. We have ongoing collaboration and projects with UK universities.


Our most impressive asset is our people – the level of our research team allows us to provide solutions on critical challenges. Our staff includes engineers and scientists, many with advanced degrees (i.e. PhD), our member of board of trustee include three professors in the field of wireless communication. Our outreach and partnership result in quite a few cooperative research and development agreements, involving leading experts from academia, and industry.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.